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About Partner Search

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The All About Watersheds Portal has implemented a Partner Search tool. (link to

Partner Search is a tool that makes deep, wide, and focused search of All About Watersheds Implementing Partner web repositories available to the general public.

Implementing Partners have agreed to allow their websites to be cataloged by our search tool in cooperation by All About Watersheds Web pages, Adobe Acrobat documents, Microsoft Word files, Microsoft Excel files, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are all full-text searched, cataloged, and stored in our searchable database for retrieval through a simple-to-use web interface.

Two aspects of the tool are available to the general public for search:

Search for Content on a Partner Site

A simple text-entry implementing-partner search interface is available on most pages of the All About Watersheds Portal on the top tab bar. The user need only to type a search term or terms into the Partner Search text entry box, and a relevancy ranked list of partner documents found will be returned. Partner search results are clustered by group and can be expanded to show individually ranked documents. Results may be refined using the Advanced Partner Search tool described below.

Advanced Partner Search

An advanced and dedicated implementing-partner search interface is available to the general public here. (link to

The user may type a search term or terms, and modify their search based on selectable parameters. These parameters include the ability to search all or individual partners, search for whole words or some portion of a word, search for synonyms, search a whole document, or just title, description, body, or keywords, if they exist, to search by document type (html, pdf, doc, docx, xls, ppt), to group results by site, or not to group at all.

Results are returned by default clustered by individual partner, and individual results for a partner may be explored by drilling down on the cluster. Results may be sorted by Rank, Last Modified Date, and Title.

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