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The All About Watersheds Information Clearinghouse provides centralized access to ecological, socio-cultural and economic information related to restoration and maintenance of New Mexico’s forests and watersheds. It was designed to meet a need identified by a group of individuals and organizations actively engaged in managing the state’s natural resources.

The Clearinghouse functions as a library as well as a shared workspace. Content can be uploaded, organized topically and searched by users of the clearinghouse.

Clearinghouse members can initiate and participate in online workgroups. These virtual workspaces enhance collaboration and training among those involved in forest and watershed restoration. Participants may elect to post information that is only available to other workgroup members, or they may contribute material to share with the general public.

The Clearinghouse is the product of a collaborative partnership of federal, state and local agencies and organizations. It is managed by the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.

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