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Water Quality Citizen Monitoring Coordinator position

Utah State University's Water Quality Extension program is seeking a motivated, well qualified individual to help develop and implement a statewide volunteer citizen water quality monitoring program in Utah. Utah currently has a limited citizen monitoring program, focused primarily on measuring lake transparency and E coli monitoring of beach areas.

The citizen monitoring coordinator will work closely with Utah's Division of Water Quality staff to develop a long term plan for expanding this program. The coordinator will help establish protocols, recruit and train volunteers on specific methods, maintain equipment, manage data and otherwise provide the support necessary for a successful statewide effort. The coordinator will also assist in Utah's non-point source outreach efforts, particularly as these intersect with monitoring activities.

Job will remain open until filled.  The initial review date for applicants has been extended to August 1, 2011.


Specific tasks of the coordinator include:
1. Recruiting and training volunteers about water quality monitoring protocols
3. Equipment management
4. Developing program outreach materials
5. Assistance with watershed coordinators on monitoring design and programs
6. Working with TMDL coordinators, the Utah water quality monitoring council, the E. coli working group and other partners engaged in monitoring in the state to assure a fully integrated and successful program.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Bachelors Degree in a relevant field or at least 4 years experience in water quality monitoring or water quality management
2. Experience with Microsoft office suite
3. Basic water quality knowledge and experience with water quality monitoring.
5. Ability to work within a budget
6. Effective communication skills
7. Work habits include being a good self-starter, ability to multi-task, creative approaches to problems, and good follow through
8. Ability to work with diverse audiences

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience with volunteers
2. Experience with Access
3. Additional related education

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