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Urban Forestry

Collection: Forestry issues in an urban setting
Trees and People Survey, 1/09 update
Trees and People Survey, 1/09 update
Urban and Community Forestry
The New Mexico Urban and Community Forestry Program serves as an avenue to provide education and support to communities across the state for managing their urban forests.
Forest Guild - December 2007
Climate Change, Carbon, and the Forests of the Northeast
Galisteo Watershed Conservation Initiative
The Galisteo Watershed Conservation Initiative (GWCI) is a collaboration between Earth Works Institute (EWI) and the Santa Fe Conservation Trust (SFCT), in partnership with Earth Analytic, Inc. Supporting partners include the National Park Service (Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program), Santa Fe County (Planning Division), New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (Interstate Stream Commission), and University of New Mexico (Community and Regional Planning Program).
Water Town Hall Final Report
New Mexicans want a balanced water policy that plans for future shortages, expands water storage and reuse, addresses legal issues and protects environmental resources. They want to explore new water sources, including potential of cleaning up brackish water in our aquifers. They also want to improve the ways the state finances water projects.
Community Forest Program (CFP) Request for Applications - due 01/13/17
This is a competitive grant program whereby local governments, qualified nonprofit organizations, and Indian tribes are eligible to apply for grants to establish community forests through fee simple acquisition of private forest land from a willing seller. The purpose of the program is to establish community forests by protecting forest land from conversion to non-forest uses and provide community benefits such as sustainable forest management, environmental benefits including clean air, water, and wildlife habitat; benefits from forest-based educational programs; benefits from serving as models of effective forest stewardship; and recreational benefits secured with public access. All local government and qualified nonprofit organization applications must be submitted to the State Forester of the State where the property is located. All tribal applications must be submitted to the equivalent Tribal government official. Applications are due to the State Forester or the appropriate Tribal official by January 13, 2017. For NM: Donald Griego, Deputy State Forester: (505) 476-3325. For AZ: Jeff Whitney, State Forester: 602-771-1400. Applicants are encouraged to contact and work with the Forest Service Southwestern Region and State Forester or equivalent Tribal government official when developing their proposal. Applicants must consult with the State Forester or equivalent Tribal government official prior to requesting technical assistance for a project. All applicants must also send an email to communityforest@ to confirm an application has been submitted for funding consideration. State Foresters and Tribal government officials shall submit applications, either electronic or hardcopy, to the Forest Service Region.
SWFSC Newsletter Winter 2011
In This Issue Featured Article The Southwest's Top Research Needs Lessons Learned: La Niña Fires Recent Activities and News Upcoming Events Other Events in the Southwest Request for Proposals What's New
International Year of Forests August Newsletter: Preventing Forest Fires & Saving Money
The National Association of State Foresters (NASF), the USDA Forest Service, and the American Forest Foundation (AFF) partnered to establish a campaign designed to raise U.S. awareness of the value of forests through the International Year of Forests celebration. With Forest Service support, NASF created and manages this website to serve all members of the U.S. forestry community. The website provides free toolkit materials anyone can use to celebrate forests in their own community; it is also a central forum for sharing ideas and events.
Grant Resource Guide For Non-Profits , Community-based Organizations, and Tribes
Grant progams, technical assistance and tools for communities
NMFW Health Plan Comments
The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), Forestry Division (Division) is requesting proposals for the planning and implementation of hazardous fuels mitigation projects that will reduce the fire threat in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas in New Mexico. Funding will be awarded through a competitive process administered by the Western Wildland Fire Protection Committee (WWFPC), with emphasis on hazardous fuel reduction, information and education and community and homeowner action. The Division plans to award multiple contracts as a result of this Request for Proposals (RFP).
Fire on The Mountain: USDA Fire Safety Bulletin
New home building in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) continues unabated, despite the high financial and human costs of fighting fires in these areas. The goal of this research is to understand, through surveys and expert assessments, the attitudes and perceptions of WUI homeowners as they relate to taking action to reduce wildfire risk on their property.
RFP for Small Log Conference Scholarship
This scholarship opportunity is made available by the Southwest Sustainable Forests Partnership for attendence at the Small Log Conference March 23-25, 2011 in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Please contact David Newlin, SWSFP’s AZ Coordinator, at (928) 524-6063 ext.5 should you have any questions. Also, please see the new and improved Southwest Sustainable Forests Partnership website at
2009/2010 NM Forest Re-Leaf Application now available.
2009/2010 NM Forest Re-Leaf Application now available.
Application for the 2009/2010 Forest Re-Leaf grant cycle available now
Application for the 2009/2010 grant cycle available now
Seasonal Tree Inventory Tech at Plan-It-Geo
We are looking for a seasonal, part-time candidate to assist with street and park tree inventory. An internship is also a possibility for anyone seeking that requirement for school. See attached description. We'd like to finish interviews in 3 weeks (mid-May at latest). The pay range is flexible and could be a little higher rate if the candidate is a contractor on a 1099 status. We're pretty flexible on level of experience, what # of hours and which days each week, etc. And we could likely pay for this person's ISA Certification if they're interested.
NMFWRI Desired Conditions Tour - Sacramento Mountains October 2016
NMFWRI Desired Conditions Tour - Sacramento Mountains October 2016
New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute
NMFWRI is a statewide effort that engages government agencies, academic and research institutions, land managers, and the interested public in the areas of forest and watershed management.
Wood Chip Fuel Specifications and Procurement Strategies for NM, a report prepared for Forestry
Wood Chip Fuel Specifications and Procurement Strategies for NM, a report prepared for Forestry
Grass Seed Mixes to Reduce Wildfire Hazard.pdf
Grass Seed Mixes to Reduce Wildfire Hazard.pdf
New Mexico Forest & Watershed Restoration Institute Publications
A collection of working papers and other publications on forest management and restoration.
How Fuel Treatments Saved Homes from the Wallow Fire
USFS fuel treatment effectiveness assessment.
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