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Riparian Restoration and Monitoring

Documents related to restoration in the Bosque and other riparian environments.

Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Distribution Map 2012

The yearly tamarisk leaf beetle distribution map is a result of monitoring partners from seven states and a multitude of funding sources.

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New Video! Farms are the Future in New Mexico

new video about people working to protect wildlife-friendly farmland in the Middle Rio Grande

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Upper Gila Riparian Restoration

Re-establishing Native Habitat on the Upper Gila River of Arizona for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher & Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo.

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Why Climate Change Makes Riparian Restoration More Important Than Ever: Recommendations for Practice and Research

Over the next century, climate change will dramatically alter natural resource management. Specifically, historical reference conditions may no longer serve as benchmarks for restoration. The authors review the potential role for riparian restoration to prepare ecological systems for the threats posed by climate change.

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Some Weed Management Concepts for the Rio Grande Bosque

powerpoint presentation on managing invasives in the bosque based on observations by Greg Fenchel, NRCS Los Lunas Plant Materials Center

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About the Greater Rio Grande Watershed Alliance

An introduction to the Greater Rio Grande Watershed Alliance's purpose and history

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Plan to Increase American Beaver Populations at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, NM

Plan to Increase American Beaver Populations at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, NM Goals: Grow beaver population in Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge to 20; Improve and expand habitat; Deter bison from beaver habitat

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Do Pinon and Juniper Shrubs Out-Compete Herbaceous Vegetation?

With an open landscape and semiarid climate, short grass prairies support unique biodiversity, including bison, songbirds and a variety of grass species.

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Can Crayfish and Creek Chub Sustain Otters in the Mora River

River otters have been successfully reintroduced to other NM rivers. If the Mora River is similar to these systems, then the biomass & production rate of fish and crayfish will sustain the min. river otter dietary requirements.

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Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge habitat suitability status for the reintroduction of the North American river otter (Lontra canadensis)

An exploration of the hypothesis that because river otters have been successfully reintroduced in other New Mexican rivers, the Mora River will also likely be a suitable ecosystem for their reintroduction.

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