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Quvira Coalition Newsletter July 24

Quvira Coalition Newsletter featuring events and upcoming opportunities in the community.

eNewsletter  ~ July 24, 2012 
Quvira Coalition

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NOMINATE YOUR RAVORITE LAND STEWARD FOR $20,000! The Clarence Burch Award call for nominations is now open. The deadline is September 1.

Day 1 -Wednesday, Nov. 14: Workshop
Kathy Voth from Loveland, Colorado has been training cows to eat weeds since 2004...Teaching Cows to Eat Weeds
George Whitten & Julie Sullivan from Saguache, Colorado will address drought.
Evening Presentation by: Gus Speth on America the Possible.

Day 2 and 3: Thursday and Friday, Nov. 15-16:
All Day Plenary Sessions opening with Dr. Molly Jahn on SEEDS, followed by two speakers on each topic, Seeds, Soil, Water, Plants, Livestock, Forests, Organics and People.

Let the Water Do the Work
Let the Water Do the Work now available for purchase from the Quivira Coalition.

Upcoming Quivira Events:

FREE Workshop - Annual Comanche Creek Workshop: August 10-12 (Friday —Sunday) in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest, New Mexico: As part of a New Mexico River Ecosystem Restoration Initiative grant, this year participants will be restoring, and monitoring, wetlands of Grassy Creek, a side drainage of Comanche Creek. We hope you can join Quivira Staff and our project restoration specialists Steve Carson and Craig Sponholtz for a summer weekend learning new restoration techniques that help restore health to degraded lands! Over the past 10 years various organizations and agencies have come together to help restore Rio Grande cutthroat trout habitat along Comanche Creek. Your participation in this workshop will contribute to this important effort. **We are looking for special volunteers to help out in the camp kitchen! For questions, Contact Mollie Walton, or click here to register and for more information.


Outdoor Classroom - Landscape Restoration Treatments for Wildlife Habitat Enhancement on Cañon Bonito Ranch: September 15 (Saturday). Participants will walk the restored uplands and riparian areas with Mike Reardon (owner and manager), rangeland health specialist, Kirk Gadzia and riparian restoration specialist, Bill Zeedyk. During this extensive ranch walk-about, participants will see firsthand the inspiring results from 15 years of restoration. Topics covered will include: invasive Juniper tree removal and landscape sculpting; when and how to use prescribed fire; planned livestock grazing and the benefits of animal impact; creek and wet meadow restoration practices using Zeedyk techniques; riparian brush clearing; water harvesting from ranch roads (road relocation and rolling dips); monitoring for rangeland health; photo monitoring; and mapping. Location: east of Wagon Mound, New Mexico. Cost $45. Click here to register and for more informaiton.

FREE Workshop - Preparing for and Adapting to Drought in Northern New Mexico. September 28-29 (Friday- Saturday) in Las Vegas, New Mexico.This two day workshop will provide information that will help New Mexico land stewards adopt resource management strategies that protect and enhance land and surface water resources. Experts will offer information about climate vulnerability assessment techniques, bio-technical solutions, available funding sources, technical resource organizations and methods, and available best management practices. The workshop will include time for group discussions and field trips with participants sharing their ecological adaptation strategies, impacts on riparian systems, lessons learned and success stories that inspire and offer practical solutions. Participation limited to 40 people. Click here to register and for more information.

EVENTS offered by other organizations:
[Please note contact information provided for questions and/or registration.]

Wildflower Walk: On July 28, the Santa Fe Chapter of the Native plant Society of New Mexico is sponsoring a wildflower walk in the Los Alamos Area, specifically the Pajarito Ski Hill and Cañada Bonito.   For further information: call Tom Antonio, 505.690.5105
5-day Management-Intensive Grazing and Stockmanship School. August 6-10, La Sal, UT. Instructors include Jim Gerrish of GrazingLands Services LLC, Dr. Tom Noffsinger covering Low-stress Livestock Handling, and Charles Redd. For more information contact Charels Redd at

Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance announces its Whole Ranch Planning Series with internationally renowned holistic management professional and consultant, Kirk Gadzia and various grass-fed producers, planning and marketing experts. With the specific goal of assisting grass-fed livestock producers to increase the economic viability of their operations, this 8-day course will cover effective business and marketing planning, grass-fed/holistic production methods, maximization of resources and wholesale/retail marketing opportunities. This is a unique and affordable opportunity, appropriate for grass-fed producers, ranchers considering a transition to grass-fed and all others interested in developing more economically viable ranching and holistic resource management. First Session: Raton, N.M., September 7-8, Second session: Tucumcari, N.M. November 9-10, Third session: Albuquerque, N.M., January 25-26, 2013, Fourth session: Corona, N.M., April 19-20, 2013. For a detailed description of the course, fees and the ranches we will visit, click here.

Grassfed Exchange Conference, September 20- 22, 2012 in Norfolk, NE.

FREE Volunteer Workshop on Mesteño Draw, Saturday, September 22 with riparian restoration specialist, Bill Zeedyk. For more information and to register, contact Joan Bybee at

Audubon New Mexico Presents: Southwest Women in Conservation 2012. Saturday, September 29th, 10am-1:00pm. Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary, Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information contact Maryam Miller at

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