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Quivira Coalition eNewsletter

March 20, 2013 Quivira eNewsletter


Avery C. AndersonDear Quivira Community:
The spring wind is starting to howl, telling us that Quivira’s workshop season is just around the corner.  As always, Quivira will be offering a variety of different types of educational opportunities in 2013. In addition to our customary FREE workshops (check Quivira’s Land & Water page for updates), Quivira will also be offering several for-fee educational opportunities for our community, like the Italian and Artisan Cheesemaking Classes listed below.  We see these type of activities as a unique way to bring new expertise into our existing toolbox, and we hope that you will consider signing up!  All proceeds generated from for-fee classes will be reinvested in our existing programs.
On a somewhat related note, I wanted to put in a plug for the California Resilient Agriculture Forum (see below for more info) as a wonderful resource in our community toolbox.  This group, which found its legs at Quivira’s Conference this past November, has informally branded themselves “Quivira West” and WE LOVE IT!  Through Quivira's work over the past 16 years, we have lit ‘sparks’ across the region that have grown over time into small bonfires of change. We are excited about the potential of the nascent California Resilient Agriculture Forum, and hope that our expanding California constituency will get involved.

Be in touch this spring, and we look forward to seeing you on the land.
Avery C. Anderson
Executive Director
From New Agrarian Program Director, Virginie Pointeau: 
The Art and Science of Cheesemaking Classes:
A hands-on learning experience and culinary adventure offered by the Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program and Bar Lazy S Ranch.

Italian Cheesemaking: Friday, July 26 – Sunday, July 28 - This specialty cheese class emphasizes the principles of great cheesemaking by focusing on the cheeses of Italy. Students will make at least seven different cheeses and cover topics including: milk sources and how to measure milk quality; hygiene and sanitation; microbial cultures and rennet; proper equipment; cheese aging; cheese and wine pairing; salting and brining; cheese marketing and much more. Location: Bar Lazy S Ranch, Los Lunas, New Mexico. Cost: $550 per person

Artisanal Cheesemaking: Friday, August 2- Sunday, August 4 - During this course, students will make at least seven varieties of cheese including: quark, yogurt, ricotta (whole milk and whey), soft-ripened cheese, feta, trappist and gouda. By the end of the class, students will be able to pick up any cheese recipe and successfully make cheese for home use or commercial sales. Location: Vista Grande Gardens, Bernalillo, New Mexico. Cost: $550 per person

These courses are limited to 10 participants each and are expected to fill up quickly. Participation is offered on a first-served basis. The registration deadline is June 15. Register on-line

Professional Vermont Cheese Educators, Dr. Larry and Linda Faillace of Three Shepherds Cheese ( will be the instructors. Since 1997, Larry and Linda have taught the artistry and science of cheesemaking to more than 2,000 students from around the world. Many of their students have turned their passion for cheesemaking into a business and some have won prestigious awards at national and international cheese competitions.

For more information about what is included in the classes, please see the flyer. Proceeds from these two courses will benefit Quivira's New Agrarian Program and help support the next generation of sustainable food producers.

From Quivira Conference Director, Catherine Baca:
Mark your calendar for the 2013 Quivira Conference – Inspiring Adaptation, November 13-15. Given increasing attendance and rising operational costs, we will be increasing registration fees for this year’s conference. However, we are redoubling our efforts to secure grants and find new sponsors in order to keep any increases to a minimum. Become a 2013 Conference Sponsor. Every dollar that we can raise NOW, will help keep the cost of this inspiring event as low as possible!

We've had good news from Andy Dunigan and the Dunigan Family that the $20,000 Clarence Burch Award will once again be awarded this year. The call for nominations will be announced in an eNewsletter and on our website later in the year. 

We want to acknowledge and thank Beezhan Tulu with Living Web Films who produced the videos on our You Tube site for the 2012 Quivira Conference. Visit the site to view speakers' presentations and also our Annual Conference Speaker Page.  View photos from the 2012 Quivira Conference.

More from Catherine on our Tribal Program:
Our Navajo collaborators, Hasbíditó, are hosting a Health and Food Expo in Ojo Encino (just west of Cuba, New Mexico) titled "How to Stay Healthy and Eat Right."  Thursday, March 28 from 12-4 pm at the Ojo Encino School. For more information contact Tammy Herrera at 505-321-7910.
From Publications Coordinator, Tamara Gadzia: 
HOT OFF THE PRESS: The 2013 edition of Erosion Control Field Guide by Quivira Coalition and Dryland Solutions, Inc., includes 2 NEW PAGES!  Soil loss caused by flowing water diminishes the fertility, productivity and health of the land. This guide was created to empower landowners and managers to take action and reverse soil erosion. These methods promote harvesting runoff and storing sediment with structures based on natural forms that initiate long-lasting regenerative processes. This handy, laminated (field-ready!)  4"x6" field guide will walk you through the design and construction processes for One Rock Dams, Zuni Bowls, Rock Mulch Rundowns and Media Luna structures. For 2013, we added 2 new pages that outline the “10 Regenerative Design Principles for Restoring Degraded Land.”  These useful principles help to set the context for the erosion control structures described in the rest of the field guide. The principles give landowners/managers a set of rules to live by as they make other decisions about how to manage soil and water on their land. This field guide was funded in part by the Audubon TogetherGreen Fellowship. Purchase for $12.00

For all professional or novice stream, wetland and river restoration specialists gearing up for the 2013 field season, Let the Water Do the Work: Induced Meandering, an Evolving Method for Restoring Incised Channels can help you to get the job done! This in-depth 252-page “how to” manual for restoring health and sinuosity to degraded creeks, streams and arroyos, written by Bill Zeedyk and Van Clothier. It is lushly illustrated with 300 color photos, drawings, diagrams and graphics. Examples of successful treatments are described in detail. The book contains annotated references, a glossary, and an appendix that includes field forms, worksheets and other tools for collecting and interpreting information pertinent to river and wetland restoration issues. Let the Water Do the Work (LTWDTW ) also provides an easy-to-understand overview of how healthy rivers function, the basis for identifying river and valley types, and how to read a landscape to identify problems, their cause and probable solutions. Topics include:
*  How Rivers and Floodplains Function
*  Basic Fluvial Geomorphology, Stream Survey and Classification
*  Induced Meandering Concepts: Actions, Reactions and Processes
*  Stream Restoration Structures and Practices
*  Reading the Landscape
*  Project Design and ImplementationMonitoring, Modification and Maintenance

Let the Water Do the Work provides practical, no-nonsense approaches to understanding the principles of hydrology, diagnosing and understanding surface hydrology challenges and then detailing specific strategies and techniques to restoring degraded systems. The book makes a challenging topic accessible to a broad range of readers. Although the title says it is an ‘evolving method’, this is clearly the work of masters who have distilled a lifetime of experience.” – Craig Conley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Management, New Mexico Highlands University

Purchase single copies of Let the Water Do the Work for $50. In addition, we are offering a special rate of $35/book on orders of 5 or more, now through June 1. Call Quivira at 505.820.2544 ext. 0# to purchase. Or, order LTWDTW online then bring it to the Comanche Creek/Springwagon Workshop July 26-28 and have Bill Zeedyk sign it!
From Land and Water Program Director, Mollie Walton:
Hiking in Red CanyonRed Canyon Reserve (RCR) Monitoring Weekend – May 3-4. Quivira Staff and the Friends of Red Canyon Reserve will be conducting our annual Bullseye Monitoring at RCR.  There is no formal workshop, but we are extending an invitation to anyone who wants to come, camp and hike for the weekend.  Contact Mollie Walton if you are interested in attending.

The California Resilient Agriculture Forum grew out of the "Quivira West Caucus" at Quivira's Conference in November 2012 when people from the Golden State recognized an opportunity to support one another. There is a thirst among folks in CA for something more than is being offered through the conventional groups that serve agriculture. This forum will provide a collaborative support network with information about resilient agriculture in the state. Contact Kent Reeves ( for more information.
There is a lot happening with the new Farm Bill. Here are some websites for Farm Bill updates, particularly on issues for young farmers:
National Young Farmers’ Coalition:
Land Stewardship Project:
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition:
Cycle Farm:
EVENTS offered by other organizations: [Please note contact information provided for questions and/or registration.]

Santa Fe Community Farm (
     PRUNING WORKSHOP with Special Guest Bob Berry, April 6th, 1pm-4pm. Professional Arborist and long-time tree expert Bob Berry, who has a history with Payne’s Nursery, will be leading this workshop using the farm’s tree orchard as the backdrop for the class. This workshop will cover all the ins and outs of proper tree pruning. Bob will be able to answer questions you may have about how to take care of your trees (fruit or other). During this afternoon session, you will learn why, when and how to properly prune and manage your trees!  Register today Suggested donation $20.
      SPRING BREAK FARM CAMP April 8-12. Join us at the Community Farm for a fun-filled week of gardening, natural arts & crafts, homesteading and wilderness skills. Children ages 7-12 are invited to join us for the week of fun and games. There will be visits from our animal friends, and visiting acrobats! Children will learn how to compost, sow seeds, play with animals, worms and bees, build adobe, sing songs, tell stories and enjoy a kids cooking class using fresh local ingredients. Cost:  $150. To register and more information:  Questions? Contact Michael Meade 505-470-9245,

Livestock & Land Management Introductory Workshop, May 9 & 10. Join Richard McConnell and Tina Williams of Hand-n-Hand Livestock Solutions for two days of classroom and hands-on instruction at Cal Poly’s Swanton Pacific Ranch in Davenport, California. $375 Cost includes two days of classroom and hands-on instruction, two nights lodging with meals plus the added bonus of traditional cowboy entertainment at the Thursday night BBQ featuring ADRIAN – BUCKAROOGIRL! For more information go to or contact Kent Reeves at 916.214.2582,

Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center’s 2013 Sustainable Living Internship: May 17 to July 12, Cerrillos, New Mexico. In case you have not seen it yet, here is the link for Ampersand’s recently completed 30-minute documentary: The Cutting Edge: Watershed Restoration in the Galisteo Basin
Sustainable Settings ( is offering two workshops this summer in Carbondale, Colorado at the Sustainable Settings Ranch.
Peak Performance Grazing:  Planning and Management for Animals, Land, and Profit. June 21-24. Cost: $1500 – with instructors Jim Gerrish and Owen Hablutzel.
Keyline® Design:  Whole-Farm Planning for Water Abundance and Soil Fertility. July 22-24. Cost $495. Registration before June 20 is $450. Instructor is Owen Hablutzel. For more information, contact Brook LeVan at 970-963-6107 or

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