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NOTICE: Grant Funding for 2011 Community Climate Adaptation Planning

Dear Friend:


The Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) is now accepting applications for the 2011 Climate Solutions University: Forest and Water Strategies (CSU). Climate Solutions University (CSU) empowers rural under-served communities throughout the U.S. to become leaders in climate change resiliency through natural resource protection.  Eligible applicants include local governments, watershed and environmental organizations, civic and citizens groups and other community based organizations.


 This one year, webinar-based education and coaching process provides $10,000 scholarships and guides communities to form a local stakeholder team; assess their local climate-related risks and opportunities; and create a customized local climate action plan and implementation plan for forest and water protection. Improved land use planning will help prevent flooding disasters, conserve water resources, protect local economies, maintain natural habitat, and sequester carbon. We will select up to 10 rural communities across the U.S. to participate as a group in the 11-month curriculum that begins in February 2011.


In 2010 we have six rural communities from NH, TN, CO, NM, UT, and WA participating in this cutting edge “virtual classroom” and producing Climate Adaptation Plans. They are remarkable people, becoming experts in scaling forest, water and climate science and policy to the local level, and gathering additional momentum by collaborating with key participants in their communities.


The Climate Solutions University has helped me communicate effectively and bridge differences to improve my effectiveness both as a Mayor and as a climate change advocate. ~Dave Erley, Mayor / Town of Castle Valley, Utah


I participated in the Model Forest Policy Program’s Climate Solutions University in October of 2009. As a professional working in a community in the Southwestern U.S. that has not planned for or accepted the occurrence of climate change, this course gave me the tools to initiate the climate change conversation within my community. My knowledge of climate projections and climate change impacts for this region, as well as actions that communities around the nation are taking to become climate resilient has greatly increased. ~Amanda Richardson/Prescott Creeks


This educational opportunity is being conducted in partnership with The Cumberland River Compact and each of the participating local communities.


 For complete application information, go to:


 We encourage all interested parties to review the application and contact us with any questions you may have.


Best of luck!Nancy Gilliam, Executive Director


The Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) is a national nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to forest stewardship and sustainable forestry practices by private forest land owners. MFPP partners with local governments, businesses, and public and private organizations by showing them how land use and sustainable practices that protect forested areas also provide long term, cost-effective climate solutions, water supplies and sustainable communities.



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