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Terry Conley named 2016 Western Region Outstanding Logger

March 10, 2017 News release from the NM Forest Industry Association




José J. Varela López, Executive Director

PO Box 32191, Santa Fe, NM 87594

(505) 660-5828, 



By José J. Varela López

March 10, 2017

Santa Fe, NM – The Forest Resources Association’s (FRA) Western Region recently recognized Terry Conley of TC Company as the Region’s 2016 Outstanding Logger. The award was presented to Terry Conley at a recent meeting of the New Mexico Forest Industry Association (NMFIA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Terry was nominated for the award by the NMFIA Board of Directors. 

NMFIA President Brent Racher stated “We are extremely happy for Terry Conley to receive the award for Outstanding Western Region Logger from the Forest Resources Association. Terry exemplifies the New Mexico and Western spirit in his business and career by sticking through the ups and downs our industry has faced. Terry’s determination has allowed his business to both survive and grow making a significant impact on his local economy and community through the jobs and products he creates. Meanwhile he is having a much farther reaching impact by returning health to the forest he works in and protecting our water sources from catastrophic wildfires. Terry and his family are critical to all New Mexicans in restoring healthy forests for future generations.” 

About Terry Conley

TC Company operates in the mountains of north central New Mexico employing a foreman and four heavy equipment operators for the in-woods operation and 10 people on the sawmill operation, along with several local subcontractors. Terry was awarded the contract to implement the Southwest Jemez Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program activities by the United States Forest Service in 2016. 

Terry will now become a nominee for the Forest Resources Association National Outstanding Logger award which will announced during the FRA’s annual meeting scheduled for early May in Charleston, South Carolina.    

José J. Varela López, Executive Director

New Mexico Forest Industry Association

(505) 660-5828


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