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Know Your Watershed – It’s Where Your Water Comes From!

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is a region of land that drains to a particular body of water such as a river or a lake. Rain or snow that falls anywhere in that watershed eventually flows to that water body. It may travel overland as surface water or flow underground as groundwater


Learn more about southwestern watersheds.
Click on this illustration for an interactive watershed poster

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Know Your Watershed
AAW Poster (front)


Know Your Watershed
AWW Poster (back

To request a copy of the poster contact Susan Rich at New Mexico State Forestry.

Why are watersheds important?

Watersheds are the source of all the water we use. Water enters the watershed as rain or snowmelt in the highlands. It soaks into the ground to replenish aquifers and gathers in ponds and creeks that feed larger streams and rivers. A healthy watershed acts like a sponge, absorbing, storing, and slowly releasing water.

We all live in a watershed. Where is YOUR watershed?

When it rains or snows at your home, that water eventually drains down to an arroyo, river, lake or other water body. All of the land that drains to that particular body of water is your watershed. The boundaries of your watershed are the drainage divides – the high places that separate the waters that drain into your watershed from those that drain to different watersheds.

Find your watershed in New Mexico by entering your zipcode or check here for a USGS map of Watershed Regions

What can I do to help take care of my watershed?

Since watersheds are simply areas of land, you take care of your watershed by being a good land steward. There are many ways you can help.

Educational resources about watersheds

Know Your Watershed Public Outreach Campaign

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