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Forest Health Issues

NMFW Health Plan


New Mexico’s forests are in an unhealthy state due to conditions of over density of fuels, including invasive species and noxious weeds. This unhealthy condition is exacerbated by drought, which results in the unwanted conditions of susceptibility to wildfire and insect infestation, compromised watersheds, and decreasing biodiversity. Other issues that result from these conditions are public safety, particularly in the wildland-urban interface, the challenges regarding the utilization of the biomass coming out of the forests.

These issues and concerns are common throughout the West and are instigating Forest and Watershed Health Planning and treatment, as directed by the National Fire Plan and the 10-Year Comprehensive Strategy. To learn more about these and other Forest Health Issues, please click on the appropriate links below.

Governor Richardson's Drought Task Force - NM Office of the State Engineer / NMSU
Office of State Engineer, State Water Plan
Office of State Engineer, Interstate Stream Commission
US Forest Service, Southwest Region, Forest Health: Bark Beetle Outbreak
Healthy Forests Initiative

Noxious weeds

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