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GIS Maps and Data

Size Title Description Tags
1 KB 12 standard data sets 12 standard data sets GIS Maps and Data
39.0 MB 2015 Maps used in 2015 Annual Report by V. Estrada This zip file contains GIS Maps and Data
1.9 MB 2015 Sacramento Mountain Otero County Focus Areas Map Sacramento Mountain Otero County Current Focus Areas 35 x 48 inch size for meeting GIS Maps and Data
1.8 MB 2015 Sacramento Mountain Otero County Landscape Restoration Map Sacramento Mountain Otero County Landscape Restoration Map 36"x 48", made for Sacramento Mountain Summit Meeting GIS Maps and Data
5.0 MB 2015 Surface Drainage and groundwater points Includes surface water flow lines and HUC 10 watersheds, as well as hydrogeology study points from Stacy Timmons. GIS Maps and Data
3.0 MB 2015 Tularosa Basin and Sacramento Mountains Hydrogeologic Study Information This letter size map shows Otero Co work group focus area options along with water monitoring points and water source points provided by Stacy Timmons, Hydrogeo... GIS Maps and Data
2.5 MB 2015 Vegetation Treatments Map (Trio Map) Vegetation Treatments in Otero County, 2015 version, title updated in 2016. Map file was created to print at 36"x48" Poster size. Exported as pdf at 100 dpi. ... GIS Maps and Data
1.0 MB 2016 Priority Area This letter size map was created for the 2014-2016 Final Report prepared for Otero Co group by Vicky Estrada GIS Maps and Data
1.0 MB 2016 Tularosa Creek and Two Goats HR M Focus areas w adjacent SSRP area Map file was exported as letter size (or slightly smaller) jpg image. GIS Maps and Data
65.3 MB 2016 Two Goats-High Rolls-Maruchi Focus Area This map was exported at 600 dpi as a letter (or slightly smaller) image in jpg format. GIS Maps and Data
5.9 MB A copy of the methodology for the SAP project A copy of the methodology for the SAP project GIS Maps and Data
1 KB Cimarron Watershed Alliance Mapping Project Cimarron Watershed Alliance Mapping Project- Web-based GIS mapping resource for the Cimarron Watershed developed by the Earth Data Analysis Center at University... GIS Maps and Data
1 KB Forest and Watershed Project Map Forest and Watershed Project Map- Web-based GIS map of Forest and watershed restoration projects undertaken by state and federal agencies in New Mexico. GIS Maps and Data
502.0 KB Fuel treatments Fuel treatments GIS Maps and Data
617.0 KB FY1987-FY1996 (pts Excel) FY1987-FY1996 (pts Excel) GIS Maps and Data
1.0 MB FY1997-FY2006 (pts Excel) FY1997-FY2006 (pts Excel) GIS Maps and Data
372.5 KB FY2007 to 9/17/08 (pts Excel) FY2007 to 9/17/08 (pts Excel) GIS Maps and Data
32.4 MB Grant Co Trio Map A 36x48" layout with an overall view of Grant County with treatment data, as well as 3 additional map views. One is a detail inset map of the Pinos Altos area, ... GIS Maps and Data
1.8 MB Map 1b Priority Project Area Map for Grant County Including Roads and Communities shows Priority Area, surface ownership, HUC10, and HUC12 with labels, roads, place labels, 24"x36", landscape orientation, pdf GIS Maps and Data
15.6 MB Map 2 Completed and Planned Projects by Land Ownership within Priority Project Area Displays currently available vegetation treatment (planned and completed) project data from various sources, along with the group's April 2015 focus area, surfa... GIS Maps and Data, Watershed Management, Forestry, Forest Management, Watershed Groups
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