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Socioeconomic Indicators for Forest Restoration Projects

A model for assessing the socioeconomic outcomes of forest restoration projects was developed. Using a form of purposive sampling, eleven experts with backgrounds in the social, economic, and business aspects of forest restoration were identifi ed and agreed to participate in the process. Four iterations of a Delphi process resulted in a practical, robust model capable of evaluating the social and economic eff ects and outcomes of a wide range of forest restoration projects. Among the most highly rated indicators in the model were those related to job creation, community stability, economic impacts, and collaborative participation in restoration processes. Th e relative importance of the indicators was estimated, and specifi c metrics were developed for each indicator in the model. Upon completion of the Delphi process, the model was discussed with forest restoration monitoring practitioners and stakeholders, who off ered their perspectives from practitioners’ points of view. Results may have implications for any forest restoration eff orts with an interest in assessing a project’s social and economic outcomes.
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