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Public Collaborative Group Folder

Folder for public group collaboration. Content placed here can be made available for public viewing.

Luera Mountains Management Plan

The purpose of this report is to provide the agencies with detailed information on current vegetation types and conditions, fire planning tools, and suggested fuel treatment priorities based on surveys of upper woodland and forested vegetation communities. This information is intended to promote a healthy forest environment and improve the overall ecosystem of the Luera Mountain area in east-central Catron County, New Mexico.

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16E Western Grant Application

The 16E project is a landscape scale restoration project that incorporates multi-jurisdictional lands and is designed by a diverse group of stakeholders and partners (local landowners/ranches, universities, local/county/federal land management agencies, non-profit, non-governmental organizations). Through the collaborative effort of this group this project conserves healthy working forest landscapes and protects forests and watersheds from and enhances public benefits from trees and forests.

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Meeting Notes

Notes from collaborative project planning meetings

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Maps and Photos

various maps and photos of the Luera Mountains and 16E project area

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GIS data

a variety of GIS data related to the 16E project

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