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Riparian Restoration, Research, and Monitoring References

Contains all background research documents.

The Effects of Wildfire on Native Tree Species in the Middle Rio Grande Bosques of New Mexico

A December 2009 report on the effects of wildfire in the Middle Rio Grande bosque by Dr. Dave Merritt and Dr. Bruce Johnson, submitted to the Rocky Mountain Research Station.

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Shifting Dominance of Riparian Populus and Tamarix Along Gradients of Flow Alteration in Western North American Rivers

A report by David M. Merritt and N. LeRoy Poff. From Ecological Applications, 20(1), 2010, pp.135-152

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Independent Peer Review of Tamarisk & Russian Olive Evapotranspiration Colorado River Basin

A document prepared by the members of the Peer Panel for the Tamarisk Coalition, April 2009. Describes the independent peer review and contains a consensus report on tamarisk and Russian olive effects on water availability in the Western US

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Wildlife Brush Piles

Guide for siting and building brush piles for wildlife habitat. NRCS: Illinois Conservation Practices Job Sheet 645C. Draft, September 2005

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Why Climate Change Makes Riparian Restoration More Important Than Ever: Recommendations for Practice and Research

Over the next century, climate change will dramatically alter natural resource management. Specifically, historical reference conditions may no longer serve as benchmarks for restoration. The authors review the potential role for riparian restoration to prepare ecological systems for the threats posed by climate change.

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Some Weed Management Concepts for the Rio Grande Bosque

powerpoint presentation on managing invasives in the bosque based on observations by Greg Fenchel, NRCS Los Lunas Plant Materials Center

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