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Organizational Development & Educational Outreach Workshops

Selected Organizational Development & Educational Outreach Workshops presentations in .pdf format.

RiverXchange: Innovative, Long-Term Outreach Project Helps New Mexico Students Learn About Their Watershed and River Ecosystem

Workshop participants will learn about RiverXchange, an innovative, long-term outreach project that combines a hands-on curriculum, guest presenters, and computer technology to form a "high tech pen pal" partnership. Participants will actually do one of the hands-on activities, then exchange information.

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Cultivating Community Participants to address Urban Watershed Issues at Multiple Scales

Watershed Management Group (WMG), a Tucson-based nonprofit, utilizes the watershed framework to engage residents by focusing 1) on the intersection of quality of life and environmental issues and 2) building capacity through hands-on implementation. WMG's programs cultivates watershed stewardship at the lot, schoolyard, neighborhood, and municipal levels to address stormwater runoff, conserve soil and water resources, as well as reducing water and energy costs, beautifying neighborhoods, and promoting local food production.

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Strategic Positioning: The New Strategic Planning

For those organizations that are clear about their mission and know how to set goals, strategic positioning is the tool to take the organization to its next level of success and sustainability. This workshop will help participants define their organization's position within the context of their community and competition and create a plan to achieve mission related results and dramatically increase the organization's presence and support.

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The Power of Community-Based Organizations to Effect Change

Communities for Clean Water has used its presence in diverse communities surrounding Los Alamos National Laboratory to document the impact of LANL's toxic legacy and press the EPA, NMED, and LANL for better protection of the Pajarito Plateau tributaries, the Río Grande, and Santa Fe's future drinking water.

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Western Hardrock Watershed Team - Building Capacity through Community Involvement

Western Hardrock Watershed Team - how Volunteers can help build capacity, build a volunteer base, revitalize impoverished communities, and create a sustainable watershed/community group

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