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Project Coordination Task Team

Group formed to identify potential landscape scale projects and facilitate coordination across juridictions at the executive level.


The Project Coordination Task Team was established by a group of natural resource management executives in October 2011. Its purpose is to identify potential landscape scale restoration projects and to coordinate planning, data sharing and funding required to move selected projects forward.

The group is a task team of the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Health Coordinating Group.


NOTE: The Project Coordination Task Team completed its original assignment in 2012. The coordination function of the Task Team was continued by the full Coordinating Group since that time. Members decided to take a new look at identifying statewide priorities during the October 2015 meeting of the Watershed Management Subcommittee/Coordinating Group. NM State Forestry, working with partners, is taking the lead on the next steps for this process. An update will be provided at the January 2016 meeting.

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