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22nd Annual Statewide Meeting - Planning: How Can It Make a Difference?
Audio files and slides of presentations made at the January 7, 2016, meeting of the NM Water Dialogue. Presentation formats: .PPTX, .wva
Located in Library
23rd Annual Statewide Meeting - Toward a More Relevant State Water Plan
Contains audio recordings and slide presentations from the January 12, 2017 meeting
Located in Library
File Octet Stream Agenda
Meeting agenda with speakers
Located in Library / Dialogue's 21st Annual Statewide Meeting - Jan. 8, 2015
File PDF document Desert Technology International Conference 11 Abstract Submission Instructions
This is the 11th in a series of Desert Technology conferences since 1991. These conferences focus on desertification issues & multidisciplinary solutions such as special characteristics and benefits of desert ecosystems, mechanism of desertification and its management, and appropriate technologies for developed and developing regions. This document details how to submit an abstract for the conference, for people interested presenting.
Located in Library
Dialogue's 21st Annual Statewide Meeting - Jan. 8, 2015
Presentations and discussions: agenda and slide presentations. Audio (.wma) files of some panel presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions are included. Others will be available upon request. (These files are very large and would take too much time and space on the server to upload them all. However, audio files of all the morning presentations have been uploaded.)
Located in Library
File Evaluating The Impact Of The Invasive Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) In The Aquatic Fauna’s Trophic Cascade At The New Mexico Río Mora National Wildlife Refuge
Presentation: Invasive species are known to cause devastating effects in introduced habitats. Invasive species can be introduced on purpose or by accident, most commonly by human activity. They are known to increase competition for habitat and food resources with native species. Invasive bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) were introduced along the Mora River at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge. We have eradicated the bullfrogs in a section of the river to study their impact on the aquatic fauna. We found that the invasive northern crayfish (Orconectes virilis) is an important component of the diet of bullfrogs. In this study we hypothesized that the removal of bullfrogs in the Mora River will release the crayfish population from predation, which may lead to a mesopredator release. We used systematic sampling to determine the relative abundance and overall size of crayfish in both sites using baited minnow traps. There is a highly significant difference in mass between control (21.63 g) and experimental sites (18.58 g; p-value< 0.0001). However we did not find a significant difference in abundance between both sites. We hypothesize that the size difference between both sites is the results of increase recruitment and survival of young individuals that now suffer less predation, dragging the average down. Cursory evaluation of data on fish density shows a similar pattern where fish. Further examination of the data will provide us insight to the trophic interactions amongst bullfrogs, crayfish and fishes in the Mora River at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge.
Located in Groups / / Research and Studies / NMHU Research Day 2014
Madrean Conference 2018 - Call For Proposals
Call for proposals for "Biodiversity and Management of the Madrean Archipelago Conference", May 14-18, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona
Located in Library / News and Events Inbox
Description of the topics covered during the Malpai Borderlands Group 2015 science conference, held Jan. 6, 2015 in Douglas Arizona
Located in Library
New Mexico Water Dialogue 22nd Annual Statewide Meeting
Planning: How Can It Make a Difference?
Located in Annual Meetings & Other Dialogue Events
File Pinon-Juniper Restoration Protocols: Presentation to WHO CG42 January 2019
Presentation made by Ken Reid to the NM Forest and Watershed Management Coordinating Group on 01/11/19
Located in Groups / Forest and Watershed Health Coordinating Group / Public Collaborative Group Folder