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John R. Brown

Brown, John R.
John served as the Dialogue’s executive director from 2002 to 2006, and has been a Board member since then. He is now a semi-retired public policy consultant. His career has focused on understanding how policy gets made, its results, and how people can change it. He has worked in policy organizations for the federal government, the Navajo Nation, the State of New Mexico, Sandoval County, and (as a consultant) for several Indian tribes and organizations. He taught about the policy process as an instructor at the University of New Mexico in Public Administration and the Political Science Department.    In the mid 1990s, as a consultant to a Philippines environmental NGO and later for the New Mexico Acequia Association, he became interested in how institutions – rules, norms, and shared strategies that people use to structure their interactions – work to maintain policy stability and shape policy change around social-ecological systems (SES) and issues. In 2000-01, as a visiting scholar at Indiana University’s Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, he studied with Elinor Ostrom and began writing about these themes in relation to water planning and policy in New Mexico. He has been active in the MRG Water Assembly since 1999.